PT.Tenaga Baru Nuansa Persada does its best in implementing the Environmental, Safety and Health management system and implementing continuous improvement that always refers to ISO 14001: and OHSAS 18001 as well as other relevant requirements.

In implementing sea transportation services and their supporting services, PT, Tenaga Baru Nuansa Persada compiled and established the LK3 system document with the following points :

  • Identify environmental aspects and K3 hazards in all activities of TBNP’s operation
  • Determine the criteria and methods needed, as well as the level of risk so that the implementation of operational and control activities run effectively
  • Ensure the availability of resources, including financial, and information needed to support the process of operational and control activities
  • Carry out monitoring, measurement and controlling of processes that apply.
  • Take the necessary actions to ensure the achievement of planned results and the implementation of continuous improvement.

PT Tenaga Baru Nuansa Persada established documented procedures to identify potential hazards and environmental aspects. As a follow-up identification, the level of risk analysis to work safety or risk of damage to equipment and facilities and / or the impact on the environment must be analyzed.